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A Beautiful Yard Transforms Your House Into A Home

Landscaping Services

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Completely Transform Your Space

Your home's landscape should be a reflection of the way you live in your home, and Showplace can help you get there. We always go the extra mile to keep your lawn and landscape looking their best, with an obsessive attention to details. Get in touch with us to see how we can transform your outdoor living space today!

Seasonal Cleanups

Let Showplace get your yard ready for whatever season is coming. In Spring, we clear winter debris, redefine the edges of landscaping, and feed plants. In the Fall, we blow and remove leaves, and winterize rose bushes and ornamental grass.

Mulch, Stone, & Edging

Whether your beds need a refresh, you want new beds installed, or you just need a little help maintaining the separation between the beds and your lawn, Showplace has you covered all year long.

Shrub & Tree Pruning

If your trees and shrubs are reaching out to all of the places they're not supposed to be, reach out to Showplace for help. We have the pruning experience and the eye for detail that makes your hedges and yard look as clean as can be.

Rose Gardens

It's easier to stop and smell the roses if the roses are in your front yard, but roses need proper care and can become a thorny issue if you don't have experience with them. We'd love to talk roses with you, ask us about which species of rose will work best for your yard!

General Landscape Planting

Maybe the last trees you tried didn't make it, or maybe you're starting from scratch. Showplace can design and install garden beds, trees, shrubs, and even sod. You name it, we've probably done it 50 times in the last 10 years. Let's kick around some ideas and see what we can come up with together.

Annual & Perennial Plantings

Liven up your summer patio with palm trees and single pot arrangements, or add some color to your springtime yard with drought resistant begonias and vincas.

Looking For The Whole Package?

Showplace Lawn & Irrigation offers complete packages that allow you to set up your yard care and maintenance for one low price for the entire year. Check out our different yearly yard care subscription packages.