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Exciting News!

Showplace Lawn & Irrigation is joining forces with All Seasons Turf Management. Our new partnership brings you the latest in testing, technology and techniques, and the best lawn care in Monmouth County!

Lawn Care 101

Healthy grass needs enough air, nutrients, water, weed control, and sunshine. We can't control the sunshine, but Showplace can help with the rest, by using a comprehensive solution that includes fertilization, weed control, aeration and seeding. If the grass is greener next door, give us a call!

Why Showplace?

Our 500+ clients choose us because our professionalism and dependability stand above the rest. We sweat the details. Not just the details concerning your lawn, but the soft skills that make us a pleasure to work with. When you see one of our trucks parked in front of the best lawns Monmouth County, stop by and say hi!

Lawn Fertilization

A green lawn doesn’t happen by accident. Trust the pros to make sure that you have the proper fertilizer mix for your unique lawn, giving it the best chance to grow a healthy, beautiful green. The products we use today are safer than ever, and better for the environment.

Weed Control

Our weed control program was developed after many of experience, treating and caring for turf in the Monmouth County area. You can rest easy knowing that your lawn, garden beds, and patios are getting exactly what they need to keep invasive species at bay, allowing them to remain healthy and beautiful all year long.

Aeration & Seeding

Lawn aeration allows for movement of air, water, and nutrients into the root zone. It's an essential component in keeping soils healthy and alive. Using a knockout combination of aeration and seeding allows us to replenish bare spots in your lawn, promoting greater turf density for the desired carpet-like effect.

Lawn Renovation

Sometimes a lawn is just too far gone for our standard treatments to bring it back to life. Showplace is ready to bring your yard back to life through a combination of new seeding over fresh compost, or a whole new sod installation. We'll do whatever it takes to bring your lawn back from the dead.

Lawn Disease Treatment

If you're familiar with brown patch, leaf spot, fairy ring, snow mold, or red thread, it's because you didn't call Showplace first. We have the experience and knowhow to eradicate any and all lawn diseases from your property.

Insect Treatments

Thin, yellow, or wilted grass can sometimes be the result of tiny bugs like grubs. Left unchecked, these insects can become big problems in your lawn, but Showplace offers the first line of defense in fighting off these invaders, as well as ticks and fleas!

Tree Spraying

We also offer a tree and shrub care program that will enhance your landscape by controlling insects and nurturing the foliage to a healthy green that matches your beautiful lawn.

Looking For The Whole Package?

Showplace Lawn & Irrigation offers complete packages that allow you to set up your yard care and maintenance for one low price for the entire year. Check out our different yearly yard care subscription packages.