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Tired of taking care of the lawn in your spare time? Relax! With our convenient, consistent lawn maintenance services, you can spend less time working on your lawn, and more time enjoying it. We offer professional mowing, edging, and shrub trimming, and we always blow and remove yard debris for a pristine look.

Why Showplace?

Our clients choose us because we have the experience and professionalism that sets us apart from the competition. We sweat the details, including keeping in touch with our customers and their needs and friendly, responsive matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Does Your Lawn Need Maintenance?

Trust your lawn to the lawn mowing experts at Showplace. Mowing grass isn't just about keeping your lawn neat- it keeps it healthy too! Keeping your lawn at the optimal height and being careful to not remove too much at once are secrets to keeping a healthy, green lawn. We average 32 property visits over the course of 8 to 9 months, or about once a week, depending on the growing conditions. We also take extra care to avoid overcutting.

Do I Need To Be Home?

You do not need to be home for our lawn maintenance service. All of the work takes place outside, and while our friendly team members welcome all feedback and instruction, they're prepared to complete the job without it.

How Can I Prepare For Lawn Maintenance?

Please unlock any gates or access points, clear the lawn of any items (such as toys, hoses, and cords), and keep the pets inside on the days you are scheduled.

Looking For The Whole Package?

Showplace Lawn & Irrigation offers complete packages that allow you to set up your yard care and maintenance for one low price for the entire year. Check out our different yearly yard care subscription packages.